Our Story, the team and how to find us

Central Counselling and Training was started back in September 1995 by Norma Parrack and based out of New Community Church at Central Hall in Southampton UK.
Norma’s vision was for a service that offered a professional counselling service, taking referrals from churches, secular organisations, and members of the public, with a model of counselling that was flexible so that people of all faiths and none could be helped. Norma also wanted to provide a series of professionally and academically recognised counselling courses, which would equip people for various pastoral and secular roles, as well as a counselling career if desired.
Since 1995, over 1,400 people have sought counselling and over 1,200 students have undertaken training. We have run courses in Edinburgh, Jersey, Oxford, Trowbridge, Exeter and even Nepal! Past students have gone on to establish new counselling services; including Counselling Together in the New Forest, The Oaks in Bournemouth and Hope Counselling in Edinburgh, with CCTS also providing supervision for these teams.
Over the years, CCTS has attracted many gifted trainers and counsellors who have made significant contributions and made the service what it is today.
Although Norma retired in January 2018, our vision remains the same and we will continue to build on the foundation laid. The needs today are greater than ever for people to find a safe place to talk about their lives and to equip people in the church to be able to offer effective care and support to those who they engage with. That’s why we’re here and that’s what we’ll do.

Meet the senior team

  • Pete White

    Pete is the Service Manager at CCTS. He has many years experience of Operational Management in both the corporate and charity sectors.

  • Roy Whyte

    Roy is registered and accredited member of the BACP and holds a BA(Hons), PGCE, Diploma in Counselling and Diploma in Supervision. Roy is a qualified teacher, works as an administrator, counsellor, supervisor and trainer at CCTS.

  • Mary Hatcher

    Mary is registered and accredited by the ACC and has a Diploma in Counselling and Diploma in Supervision. She works as a counsellor, supervisor and trainer within CCTS and has many years of pastoral experience and group work. Mary is a tutor for CCTS training courses as well as being involved in pastoral training.

  • Pauline Yong

    Pauline is a registered counsellor with the BACP and ACC. She has a Diploma in Counselling and a Diploma in Supervision. She has training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy up to Level 2. She works as a counsellor, supervisor and trainer at CCTS. Pauline also trains for Deep Release and was involved in health organisations for over 20 years.

  • ???

    Interested in joining our team or having a placement with us? We would love to hear from you - just email info@ccts-southampton.org and we will get back to you

  • How to contact CCTS in Southampton

    We are located at Central Hall, near City College and St Mary's Church.
    You can contact us by email or phone (details below) or by post to CCTS, Central Hall, St Mary Street, Southampton, SO14 1NF