Understanding Sex & Porn Addiction

In partnership with the Laurel Centre, this CPD workshop has been specifically designed with a spiritual focus to help counsellors and pastoral carers working with Christians who struggle with sex or porn addiction. The day will explain addiction from a biopsychosocial perspective and explore biblical perspectives on dependency. Ultimately only [...]

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Rewind Trauma Therapy

The Rewind Technique is an exposure technique that allows clients to process intrusive thoughts and images without having to verbalise any information about the trauma to the therapist. Dr Muss, the creator of the Rewind Technique for Post-Traumatic Stress, has used it to effectively treat individuals and groups surviving road [...]

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The Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Adult Survivors

A one-day seminar for counsellors on the impact of child sexual abuse on adult survivors. The aims of the day are to: Gain knowledge and skills to help clients who have experienced sexual abuse Gain information on shame, anger, powerlessness, betrayal and sexual ambivalence Gain insight into styles of relating [...]

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Working with LGBTQ+ Clients [postponed]

"Pride and Shame - the Emotional Landscape of Identity" The day will cover issues associated with 'coming out' & 'living out' for LGBTQ+ clients and making space in therapy to respond well to difference and diversity. More details will be available nearer the time. About the Trainer Kathy Spooner is [...]

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Introduction to the Enneagram [postponed]

The Enneagram model of nine personality types helps explain so much about how we behave and how we relate to others. It has its roots in the desert spirituality of the 3rd Century AD and has been used since then to help people explore their personality; enabling them to embrace [...]

Introduction to the Enneagram [postponed]2020-07-15T09:13:39+01:00