The Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Adult Survivors

A one-day seminar for counsellors on the impact of child sexual abuse on adult survivors. The aims of the day are to: Gain knowledge and skills to help clients who have experienced sexual abuse Gain information on shame, anger, powerlessness, betrayal and sexual ambivalence Gain insight into styles of relating [...]

The Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Adult Survivors2020-10-16T17:37:50+01:00

Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity Workshop

Based on the GSRD ‘best practice’ document produced by the BACP, the workshop will explore the different aspects of sex, gender and sexuality from a biopsychosocial and cultural model. It will explore aspects of prejudice faced by different sexual minorities and the limitations of the current LGBT+ constructs. Aims To [...]

Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity Workshop2020-10-09T18:14:50+01:00

Introduction to the Enneagram

The Enneagram model of nine personality types helps explain so much about how we behave and how we relate to others. It has its roots in the desert spirituality of the 3rd Century AD and has been used since then to help people explore their personality; enabling them to embrace [...]

Introduction to the Enneagram2020-10-23T16:20:42+01:00
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