What to expect from the course

    This course is relevant for anyone who wishes to gain further skills and knowledge in counselling and pastoral care from a Christian worldview. It is ideal preparation for the Diploma in Counselling. The course offers 150 Guided Learning Hours.

    Applicants ideally need to have completed the CCTS Introduction to Christian Counselling or equivalent before applying for OCN Level 3.

    Full Course Details

    * Presentation of the CCTS model of counselling
    * Human growth and development
    * Advanced counselling skills
    * Aspects of professional practice
    * Research
    * Personal development
    * Anti-discriminatory practice
    * Visual and kinaesthetic counselling skills
    * Counselling practice with feedback

    Course participants will be required to engage in directed reading, journalling and written assignments for assessment. This will amount on average, to 4-6 hours per week. Students will be required to have a minimum of 15 hours of their own counselling, paid for at their own expense.

    By the end of the course we hope that participants will be able to:
    • Describe, evaluate and apply the three phases of CCTS model of counselling
    • Define and apply the skills of advanced empathy, confrontation, immediacy, self-disclosure, information giving, decision making and goal planning
    • Evaluate and work with defence mechanisms, resistance, transference and counter transference
    • Evaluate and apply a developmental theory to one's own life
    • Compare and contrast the CCTS model with others
    • Use Creative techniques, e.g. Russian Dolls, visual techniques etc to engage clients
    • Discuss and apply the dynamics of forgiveness, repentance, use of Scripture and prayer in counselling
    • Evaluate and use contacts, records, supervision and the code of ethics relevant to counselling
    • Evaluate their own lives using the course material
    • Discuss and apply anti-discriminatory practice
    • Present a short research project

    Dates, Costs and Location

    The next course starts in January 2020 and runs on a Monday or Friday evening between 6:30pm and
    10:00pm and occasional Saturdays between 9:30am and 5:30pm over the three terms, finishing in December.

    Dates will be confirmed nearer the time.

    To apply, please download and complete an application form and return it by post or email (training@ccts-southampton.org)

    Course Cost is: £1,600

    Course Location is:
    Central Hall, St. Mary Street, Southampton, SO14 1NF.


Please download an information and application form