Course Content

    The course is for counsellors who wish to gain a greater understanding of trauma and effective ways of helping people suffering.

    Course Details

    Helping clients with trauma, more than any other client group, requires a holistic approach. The course will present a model which includes methods and techniques for identifying, understanding and treating the traumatic effects on the body, emotions, behaviour, mind and spirit of the client. Topics covered include:

    • Trauma, memory and the brain
    • Exploring Type 1 and Type 2 trauma; the impact and techniques to help people in each category
    • Disassociation and flashbacks
    • Psychoeducation
    • Assessment of trauma and exploring the Window of Tolerance
    • Suicide risk
    • Grounding and stabilising techniques

    Dates, location and cost

    No dates have been set to run this course at present. If you would like to register your interest, please do so by returning the application form or by emailing

    Location is: Central Hall, St Mary Street, Southampton, SO14 1NF. Free parking is available.

    Course Cost is: £420pp including notes and refreshments.


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