Developed by Richard Schwartz in the USA and now rapidly spreading across the world, IFS is a gentle, respectful and extremely powerful approach to healing a whole range of issues, including trauma and attachment disruptions . IFS offers a non-pathologising, highly relational model that enables us to work safely, deeply and effectively, through facilitating access to the compassionate, resourceful Self that we all have at our core. When all parts within can be fully understood and unburdened, it can be liberating, energizing and transformational. IFS can be used in work with individuals, couples, families, groups, adolescents and children, and is easily integrated with a wide range of other approaches.

This Introductory Workshop will provide an overview of the IFS method and theory, as developed by Richard Schwartz, and an opportunity to hear about the model and explore experientially your own internal family system*. This will include viewing a DVD of Richard Schwartz working or a live demo. The workshop is suitable for those who wish to find out more about the IFS model for personal or professional application.
*Please note this workshop is not a substitute for the Centre for Self Leadership IFS Level One Training.

The workshop will be led by two fully trained, experienced IFS practitioners with all 3 levels of IFS training and using the method in their practice.

Date & Time

Friday 14 February 2020, 9:30am – 4:30pm


£70 (plus booking fee)


Central Hall
Saint Mary Street
SO14 1NF

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